Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Beginning

Today my writing for Lent begins.  It feels momentous, but I don't think it really is.  In my household, I have a bit of a reputation as a reluctant beginner.  I'm not generally quick to start new things.  I think perhaps that's because I have made too big a deal of beginning.  Beginning doesn't mean I can never end.  Beginning doesn't mean I have to enjoy every moment, always be grateful I did this, always have my ducks in a row.  Beginning is only the first part - page one - of a story that isn't yet clear to me.

The emotion that surprised me when I finally drew my line in the sand and decided that I would start a blog today:  FEAR.  I didn't realize how vulnerable I would need to be to write in a forum like this.  And not to write about what I had for dinner or what I did with my husband on our last date or what my children did or said today (the sorts of things I post on Facebook), but to write what is in my heart.  What will people think?  Will they think I'm a good writer?  Will they want to keep reading?  Will they understand me?  At one time, I wanted to know the answers to those questions before I would start.  Now I think the answers to those questions aren't nearly as important as being obedient to the prompts God puts in front of me.

Here's to beginning.


  1. Dori, your first(what shall I call it? Blog, letter ?) has helped me...I'm talking about the first paragraph. needed to hear what you wrote about beginnings. :)

  2. Vulnerability breaks down walls and creates authenticity. A huge step for us all. Way to go, I'm proud of you!